by Sha Be Allah
December 21, 2017

NFL player agent Deryk Gilmore has been around the game of football for a very long time!

After spending over 20 years in college athletics with the Big 10 and Pac 10 as a player, coach and administrator, Deryk Gilmore left the team side to become a sports agent.

Gilmore was certified as an agent in 2005 with Priority Sports and over the last 12 years has become one of the top agents in the industry according to Forbes Magazine.

Gilmore started his company, Day1 this year, with the vision of taking his goals and values on how to help players and make that dream a reality.
Gilmore sat down with The Source Magazine and gave his recipe for success.

The Source: How did you get in the Sports and Entertainment business.
Deryk Gilmore: Growing up in NYC professional sports was big and college was secondary. When Penn State was recruiting me out of HS, it was a huge deal where I was from. We won a National Championship and I went into coaching after that spending several years with Illinois and Oregon where I handled all aspects of the business side of football. When people heard I was leaving coaching I was recruited heavily and had an opportunity to not only join a quality firm but work from home and be active in my sons lives who were 5 and 6 at the time. In my first year as a sports agent I had a top 13 pick and 2 other high picks and have not looked back.

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