The Family Office

Amanda White

Director of Operations

We like to think of ourselves as your family office handling all your needs. The person in charge of running the day to day is Amanda White. White, a graduate of the The University of Oklahoma, MBA program, she has worked the last three years in our office as a Director of Operations. She assist players and their families with request for travel, concierge services, camps and clinics, and any questions with day to day off the field questions. A native of Kansas she grew up an avid “hooper” playing basketball which is her first love. Amanda gives us a presence She will be responsible for all of our client services available to help any of our clients in both Basketball and Football. We strive to service our clients all over the country and be accessible whenever or wherever we are needed.

How Our Operations Team Benefits you? The team below is set up to help you with all your needs off the field and Amanda White helps to coordinate your off the field business so you can take care of your on the field or court. Operations as well as our client services works to assist clients in managing, organizing, coordinating, implementing, and fulfilling day-to-day operations for themselves and their families regarding: travel, events and programs, medical and health, and entertainment and enjoyment. This group’s service excellence allows our clients to focus on the game of football. We have a full-time staff that is available to assist clients with any of their business needs. We are on call 24-7, but in order to prevent last minute planning and the associated worries, we offer our clients our planning expertise.

Our goal is to take care of their planning needs so that they can simply show up and enjoy. While our clients are willing to pay for the best, we work to make sure we get them the best at the most competitive price. We try to utilize our business to provide clients with luxurious or upgraded services and give them the experience expected as a celebrity.

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